My fascination with cultures has been nurtured by my English and Bajan parents who were adamant that I should know where I came from. This lead to frequent trips to the Caribbean and the South of England to visit family who increasingly embodied the cultural idiosyncrasies that were to inform those worlds to me as a child, and cement my interest in cultures, art and nature as an adult.


This fascination was to become focused through two threads: observation and documentation of the natural world including historical record of the natural sciences, civilisations and literature, from biblical stories to Aesop’s Fables in childhood, reading the world through narrative and a succession of anthropomorphic and mythological characters to contemporary comics such as ‘Blacksad’, ‘Fables’ and ‘From Hell’.


My practice incorporates new media and mixed media, building artwork digitally and by hand from layering photographs, cutouts and illustrations with drawing, painting and increasingly sculpture. These artworks, distinct from the purely new media work, can incorporate various materials from wood and plasticine to precious gems such as black pearls and mediums from acrylic ink to paint set between layers of resin.  


My practice is informed by a combination of fieldwork and research (ranging from history to anthropology), feeding the creation of mythopoeic narrative, corrupting and appropriating from current events to the natural world. I entwine this foundation with my personal experiences creating allegories that mark my dialogue and interactions with the world around me, building new contemporary fables that are as fluid and mercurial as the world that informs them.


I read Fine Art at the University of Brighton and graduated from Goldsmiths College with an MA in Postcolonial Studies.


In 2013, I travelled to Freetown, Sierra Leone as a guest artist with the NGO Way Out Arts where I ran a comic workshop with the charity's members and in 2014, I was an Associate Artist with the London based criminal justice charity Only Connect for a year.


In April 2017, I participated in the Iwati Parana AiR programme in the Peruvian Amazon engaging indigenous communities  with 11 other international artists. I am currently participating in an artist residency at the Women at the Well charity supporting women exiting prostitution, human trafficking and substance misuse.      


If you have any queries regarding my work contact me via email or phone noted below.


Self Portrait (Drawing)


E. E. M. 07909 145 741  Instagram. chrisllena  Saatchiart/christinapeake